optimize and re-commpress your PDFs
save space for archiving and optimize for online use


Smaller PDF files

Re/compress is a powerful PDF re-compression utility, which can decrease the size of your existing PDF files for archiving or sharing them on the web or email.

Many PDF creator applications, for example multi function printers, or other simple applications often do not use the most advanced forms of compression when creating your PDF documents (or even none at all)! Re/compress analyzes the PDF file and determines which objects can be further compressed to save storage space.

Recover broken PDF files

PDF viewers and consumer applications are to a varying degree tolerant to non-standard conforming or outright broken files. However, there are some applications producing files with so many errors in regard to the PDF standard conformance, that some applications may simply refuse to open and process such files.

By the various analyzation and recovery steps performed by Re/compress it is often possible to recover many common types of issues, errors or otherwise corrupted files. By saving files with Re/compress with these issues corrected allows for improved compatibility for more strict applications without such error recovery measures.

Create low resolution copies

For sharing documents, artificially degrading the image quality may be a simple, easy, yet useful way to mark the files as copy. With a lower quality copy the receiver cant not easily reproduce a sharp, high resolution copy of the original.

Breaking thru upload limits

Online services –such as e-governance or online banking sites– often have strict upload size limits. Uploading files produced by entry-level devices and software can often be an error prone and time consuming task. Re/compress can be a great help to shrink the size of your scanner's or MFP's files and with improved compatibility reliably upload your documents to the relevant services.

Convert vector to bitmap graphics

CAD drawings and similar vector documents may create tens- if not hundreds thousands of vector paths. Sometimes even mixed with clusters of small images for 3D views or symbols. This files usually do not compress that much more using our classic re-compression algorithms. However, Re/compress now also features an optional rasterization pass to convert these to images and thus usually create a significantly smaller, and magnitudes faster to open and view file. Combined with low resolution down-sampling this can also be used to protect your customer copies from exposing all the fine details and thus hinder competitors to simply copy your work.


Version: 23.9
File Size: 4.1MB
Price: 29.99€ *)

System Requirements

macOS 13, 12, 11, 10.15, 10.14, 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, or 10.9,
Windows 11, 10, or 8, or Linux

Cloud service

In fact thru the PDF sanitization and compatibility steps of Re/compress it is the ideal frontend for such cloud services. If you run or implement a new cloud service and have to deal with arbitrary PDFs of your users Re/compress can avoid many compatibility headaches.

Third party OEM integration

If you are a vendor looking for first class PDF technology, with high compression for integration into your cloud service or software solution just let us know!

*) incl. local sales tax for sales to EU member states