digital image processing, PDF, OCR, Mac, Windows, Linux, Open Source
all made for you in Berlin, Germany.

ExactCODE Research & Development

About the company

ExactCODE GmbH is a privately held research and development company located in the center of Berlin, Europe/Germany. While founded in 2005 the company received promotion by the European Union and was first located in the Location4Innovation of the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

While the name is program, ExactCODE designs and delivers exact systems, libraries, drivers and tools for the next generation of computing. Parts that just work - every day.

Postal address:
ExactCODE GmbH
Lietzenburger Str. 42
DE-10789 Berlin, Germany


René Rebe

René Rebe is the managing director of ExactCODE, which he founded after a decade of work and contribution in the Open Source scene. He came with in-depth programming experience ranging from assembly to object oriented high-level programming such as C++ or ObjC as well as experience with a variety of processor architectures found in embedded up to enterprise grade systems. Aside from classic networking and application development he also has knowledge in digital audio and video processing as well as low-level operating system and driver development.

From his Open Source work he keeps in-touch with a diverse network of other community members from a wide range of projects, including: the Linux kernel, compilers, C libraries, X.Org, SANE and miscellaneous other projects. When time permits he contributes mainstream tech articles, including the German Linux Magazin. In 2015 René Rebe joined the TWAIN Working Group Board of Directors.



Linux / Unix / OS/2 / Mac OS X combined driver for Avision based image aquisition devices (including normal desktop scanners) in cooperation with Avision Europe and BHS Binkert.

Mac OS X TWAIN data source for Avision based image aquisition devices (including high speed Automatic Document Feeder scanners) featuring a modern and native Cocoa, ObjC GUI.

Mac OS X TWAIN client optimized for batch scanning from Automatic Document Feeder scanners. Including a modern and native Cocoa, ObjC GUI, as well as multi page PDF as well as ordinary compressed bitmap file writing.

Linux / Open Source

Carrier grade cPCI PowerPC embedded Linux12 for a US telecommunication company. Motorola Germany partner for embedded PowerPC Linux systems and custom application development.

Embedded Linux base system development12 for an US fortune 500 company.

Mobile Linux design and consulting2 for another US fortune 500 company.