digital image processing, PDF, OCR, Mac, Windows, Linux, Open Source
all made for you in Berlin, Germany.

Open Source


Our open source solutions include whole Linux distribution facilities, such as the System Development Environment, device drivers, such as the SANE/Avision driver, to high-level digital signal processing, such as in ExactAudio and ExactImage to applications such as eScreen, MacOSD, minised.

We even started and maintain a whole Open Benchmark and small convienence tools, such as Vorbisinfo.


We are an active contributor to the community: we support and manage quite some open source technologies, including the T2 SDE, ExactAudio, ExactImage among many others. We also contribute to other major open source technologies, including the Linux kernel, GCC, X.Org, SANE, dietlibc and many others as well.

We consider, on a regular basis, if to release parts or all of our solutions as open source to be among a number of viable mechanisms for creating, extending, and strengthening the open source solution available.