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formerly known as GSMP

Some years ago, (in a galaxy far, far away ;-) there has been a lack of useable audio-software for Linux - especially for a good multitrack wave-editor - so we decided to write a gtk-- based one that is available under the terms of the GPL. The initial project was GSMP, General Sound Manipulation Program, to become a audio/sound equivalent to what GIMP already archived.

Later on the focus shifted to building a complete and open-source Virtual Studio environment for Linux, to feature a both MIDI and DSP/Audio as well as beeing open for other kind of data.

However as our time is mostly consumed with Embedded Linux solution development around the T2 SDE we currently scaled back to focus on a high-quality audio streaming library for the:
It is intended to become a powerfull framework to assemble the application from various components (like mobile player, multitrack hd-recorder, midi-sequencer, synth and signalprocessors).

Current Features

Non-destructive editing: All action on the audio data can be made undone. So you can play around with the effects without modifying any bit of your original data file.

Multi-threaded design: GSMP is multi-threaded. Especially the the wave-plots and the FX's are generated in a background thread and the UI keeps interactive!

Internal sample-format: 24/8 bit fixed-point arithmetic is used to allow overflows with no acurrany loss.

Internal sample-index: 64 bit indexes are used to allow live takes even at 96kHz DVD quality.

Track count: The track count is not limitted. Also multi-track recording is supported, too. In fact we used GSMP-Editor to record 10 channels with the MIDIMAN Delta 1010 two month ago!!! (BTW: 2-8% CPU load on an Athlon 600Mhz ...)

Realtime effect prehearing: Most effects can be pre-heared during playback!

Supported import-formats: Currently MS-Wave, Ogg/Vorbis and MP3 (experimental!!!) are supported. Decompression is done on-the-fly!

Supported export-formats: Currently only Wave is supported.

Current effects: Fadings, graphical-eq, some IIR filters, compressor, noise-gate, de-click and reverb.

Usage hints

Some using hints: (Also consider reading the README file):
The editor has multi-selections. This means you can select non-continous regions (that can be cutted or pasted) - like in The GIMP. You have to press the "Shift" or "Strg" key while moving the mouse for this.
To enable the OSS plugin when ALSA is also compiled you have to add "--oss" on the command line. (The next releasewill contain a real dialog to change this ...)
The two button in the lower-left corner of the main-window are "Follow Current Position" and "Follor IO Position" to let the view automatikally follow a marker ;-)
When you load (import) a file the zoom is not changed. So you might not see a wave, because the zoom is still 1:1 -> simply zoom out a bit.
To speed-up GSMP you should pipe all the debugging informations into the "null-device": "gsmp > /dev/null"